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Airline Museum Burgas

The museum is located on the territory of Airport Burgas and tells about the history of aviation in Burgas and the region. Here you will see nine aircraft exhibits showing the most glorious moments of aviation history of Bulgaria. Some of the most interesting are – the plane Tu-154, which flew all over the globe, and the only transport aircraft Antonov in Bulgaria or the so-called An-12 Flying man. Besides the fully equipped cockpit, there are other surprises like the restored first-class passenger saloon, a movie room, a rich collection of airplane models, pilot uniforms, parachutes, even a real black box of a plane. You can complete this exciting meeting with aviation by flying an airplane of your choice through a virtual reality An-24.

Aquae Calidae

The Roman Baths are a unique historical site offering various opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. The hot springs of Aquae Calidae attract tourists with its rich history. It was proved that they were visited by Philip II of Macedonia, the Roman emperors Justinian I and Constantine IV Pogonat, the Byzantine empress Ino Anastasia, the Bulgarian Khan Tervel. In the 16th century on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent, a Turkish bath was built here, which was restored and can be seen nowadays. Outside by the bathroom there are remnants of the great Roman thermal baths that are still being researched, but it is interesting to visit them. This interesting and unique place, combining rich history and remains of different eras, will take you back in time for an incomparable experience. The short 3D film, an impressive and surprising end contribute to that also.

St. Anastasia Island

Experience a unique adventure! The island is shrouded in mysteries and numerous legends and stories are told about it. The most famous and reliable one is that in the past there was a monastery on the island that was attacked by pirates looking for treasures. The monks asked St. Anastasia to help them. She heard their prayers and sent a fearsome storm that sank the pirate ship. Its remains were petrified near the shore and can be seen today. Later the monastery was turned into a prison – the so-called Bulgarian “Alcatraz”. Besides the petrified pirate ship, there are many other rock formations on the island with an interesting history. There is also a doctor on the island, a museum with six separate rooms revealing a different stage of history, interactive visualization methods, a treasury, a prison cell, a church, a restaurant.

St. St. Cyril and Methodius

This is one of the 100 national tourist sites – more than a century ago, there was a small house in the place of the temple, home of the priest Georgi Stoyanov. To oppose the Greek spiritual oppression, he gave his house to be converted in a temple bearing the name “St. Cyril and Methodius” and he himself preached in the new church and also gave lessons in the narrow hall, used as a school. For his actions he was put on trial, fiercely persecuted and imprisoned. After the long persecution and torture, the spirit and body of this proud Bulgarian fell. After his death, the current temple was erected in the place of the wooden temple. Italian Stone-cutters took part in its construction, prominent craftsmen from Bulgaria and local hard-working people. The temple, a huge three-naval basilica, was built with donations, thanks to which the visitors are lost in admiration in front of exquisite stained glass windows, marble arches, magnificent frescoes and icons.
Two of the icons in the temple are considered miraculous. These are the icon of “Virgin Mary” which healed many believers, and the icon of “St. Cyril and Methodius”, which according to the legend survived the fire in 1953. In 1994 the cathedral was restored to its full splendour.

In love with the wind – Ravadinovo

It is a fabulous, magical dream of a man made true. This story has its background – in 1366 Amadeus, Count of Savoy started building a castle in the area. It is unknown where exactly the count laid the foundations of his castle, but the construction of the current castle began in 1996. A unique attraction built of 20 000 tons of stone, marble limestone obtained from Strandza. The stone changes its colour through the different parts of the day – in the morning it is pink, during the day it is white and in the evening it glows. The castle itself represents a wonderful park, with thousands of exotic tree species, lakes, terraces, parks and summer-houses, a restaurant and a café. An interesting fact is that in 2016 a copy of Di Trevi Fountain in Rome was installed here. Walking through the lovely, green gardens, you can admire and feed black and white swans, ducks and pelicans. Fun games are organized for children, there is a huge aquapark, a Zoo area and summer cinema. Wine lovers should visit the winery where wine tasting is offered. Don’t miss the fountain of wishes, the Magic summer-house and the Kinetic sculpture.

Eco trail Youth River

Eco trail Youth River or the Natural landmark “Springs and caves near the village of Mladezhko”. The village of Mladezhko is located in the heart of Strandzha Mountain, about 55 kilometers south of Bourgas. The picturesque eco-trail is worth taking the time and including it in your plans. The passage is light, about twenty minutes with a moderate tempo. Walking through a picturesque karst canyon surrounded by almost sheer cliffs overgrown in greenery, you will enjoy the babble of the crystal clear river, small cascades and beautiful panoramic views. Cross the river, jumping from stone to stone to see the very spring of the river Mladezhka. Its healing water springs straight from the cliffs. The many crossings of the river on wooden authentic looking bridges brings us back in time and contribute to the charm of this magical place. At the end of the trail, after a steep, adventurous climb, you will encounter the entrances to the two caves called “Foundries”. In ancient times they were used for living, and now are a refuge of a protected species horseshoe bats. The caves are in their authentic, uncultivated look, so the more curious and courageous will have to enter with a lantern. Since you will would not like to leave this place, and you would want to walk in the beautiful countryside, the place by the river is also used for picnics. There are wooden tables and benches where you can sit and eat, listening to the song of the babbling river.

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